Fox News Host Says Trump Needs More TV: It's 'His Conduit To The American People'

Greg Gutfeld urges the president to "have more executive time."

Critics of Donald Trump say all of the “executive time” that was revealed in leaked White House documents show the president isn’t doing much during a typical workday. 

The documents, which were published by Axios, disclosed that Trump has spent 60 percent of his schedule since the midterms in “executive time,” or unstructured time in which he watches TV, tweets and makes phone calls

But Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Trump needs more of it, not less. 

We all knew this skill set is not a political skill set,” Gutfeld said on “The Five” on Monday in comments posted online by Media Matters.

That skill set is in relationships, persuasion and messaging.

“So he’s watching TV,” Gutfeld said. “TV, Fox News, it’s his conduit to the American people, the way he sees the American people, his voters.” 

But despite the TV, and despite the tweeting, Gutfeld said Trump was getting things done:

“So he looks and he sees what’s going and then he tweets. This is most of his day, and yet you see things happening with the military which are positive. North Korea, trade, NATO, jobs. Do more of it. Have more executive time, I say.”