Fox Nation Headline: 'Is Sandra Fluke A Fame-Hungry Activist?'

Rush Limbaugh continues to fuel the controversy he set off when he called Sandra Fluke -- the Georgetown law student who was denied the right to speak at a contraception hearing -- "a slut." Now, Fox Nation is joining the fray with a loaded headline about Fluke.

The aggregated news website, which is owned by Fox News, posted a Washington Post profile of Fluke on Friday. The original Washington Post headline reads: "Meet Sandra Fluke: The woman you didn’t hear at Congress’ contraceptives hearing." The piece discusses Fluke's interest in reproductive health politics, and her work lobbying Georgetown to include contraception in its student health care plan.

Fox Nation posted a paragraph of it with a link to the full piece. The website's headline for the story, however, approached the article from a different angle: