Fox News Host: We Must Impeach The Next Democratic President

Mark Levin demanded Democrats be "slammed down" and "slammed down now" in an off-the-rails rant.

Fox News host Mark Levin on Thursday demanded the Democratic Party be “slammed down” and “slammed down now” in an off-the-rails rant about the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump over the Ukraine scandal.

“The next Democrat president of the United States must be impeached,” Levin declared on Thursday’s broadcast of “Hannity” ― before Democrats had even selected their presidential nominee to take on Trump in 2020. House Democrats unveiled two articles of impeachment against Trump on Tuesday.

“Not to get even,” Levin claimed. “Not because we are at their low level, because the Republicans can’t live under one Constitution when the Democrats live under another Constitution and it’s the only way we’re going to stop them.”

Levin, who in October claimed Trump had not had a “hint of scandal” during his time in office, said “one party can’t be allowed to abuse the Constitution, yet wave it around, while the other party sits there and takes it.”

“The Democrat Party must be slammed down,” he added. “The next Democrat president, if they vote for impeachment against Donald Trump, must be impeached.” 

Check out the clip, courtesy of Media Matters, here: