Fox News Host Eric Bolling's Emotional Defense Of 9/11 Omission: 'Thank You, Liberals, For Reminding Me How Petty You Can Be' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Fox News Host's Angry, Emotional Defense Of 9/11 Error

Fox News' Eric Bolling delivered an angry, emotional response to the attention he received for mistakenly saying there had been no domestic terror attacks during President Bush's term.

Since the statement--which Bolling made on Wednesday's episode of "The Five"--omitted 9/11, Bolling drew some ridicule. On Thursday's episode, he addressed his critics directly, with his voice shaking. Bolling said that "obviously" he had meant that there were no domestic terror attacks in the aftermath of 9/11, but that the "radical liberal left pounced on us and me" instead of letting the statement go.

He then assured people that he remembered 9/11 all too well.

"I happened to be standing there watching in true terror as radical Islamists slammed planes into the towers that morning," Bolling said. "I remember the towers collapsing, killing 3,000, including 16 of my closest friends, and I really remember trying to comfort the kids of my friends at their memorial services. I'll never forget 9/11, but thank you liberals for reminding me how petty you can be."

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