Fox News Host Fact-Checks Former GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz Live On Air

“That's not true, neither of those things are true," Marie Harf told Jason Chaffetz.

Fox News host Marie Harf had no time for former Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s (R-Utah) unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about the migrant caravan.

So, she fact-checked Chaffetz’s baseless claims ― live on air.

Chaffetz claimed on Tuesday’s broadcast of “Outnumbered” that Democrats were “encouraging” the caravan, did not want to secure the southern U.S.-Mexico border, and wanted to shut down the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

Political commentator Harf, who also hosts a show on Fox News Radio, gave the allegations short shrift.

“That’s not true, neither of those things are true,” she said. Chaffetz argued his comments were “absolutely, 100-percent true.” Harf fired back: “When he says things that aren’t accurate on TV, I’m going to interrupt you.”

Check out the video here:

“The Democratic caucus does not support shutting down ICE. Individual members talk about it, the caucus does not,” Harf explained. “Second, the Democratic Party is not supporting the caravan. That is a conspiracy theory that has been repeatedly debunked online. Do not repeat it for our viewers, please.”

Chaffetz, who became a Fox News contributor after he stepped down from Congress in 2017, said he “wholeheartedly” believes “in my heart,” but Harf cut him off.

“Well, there’s no evidence,” she said. “In your heart, you might feel that, there’s no evidence. No evidence, no evidence. None. None. None.”

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