Amid Backlash, Fox News Host Neil Cavuto Doubles Down On Trump Criticism

"There's nothing fake about what I said, bottom line."

Neil Cavuto made headlines on Tuesday after issuing a stern critique of Donald Trump, calling out the president for scapegoating others when he should be blaming himself for distractions like Twitter feuds.

The segment was praised by some and derided by many others ― namely the president’s supporters.

At the end of his Wednesday broadcast, the Fox News host recapped some of the angry tweets he received, including messages that described him and his program as “fake news.”

“There’s nothing ‘fake’ about what I said, bottom line,” Cavuto said. “Regular viewers of this program also know there’s nothing new about what I said.”

Cavuto vowed to cover the good and bad of Trump’s presidency, including the Russia investigation and stock market successes.

“I figure I’m on three hours a day between two networks here, so I’ve got time to cover both,” Cavuto said. “Fake is sometimes in the eye of the beholder. To a president who hates any bad press, ‘fake’ is coverage he doesn’t really like. But ‘fake’ can also be the tweets and remarks he makes that compound the media coverage he doesn’t like.”

Watch the rest of Cavuto’s message in the video above.

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