Fox Guest Throws Unhinged Sexist Tantrum Over Chelsea Handler's Childlessness

Tucker Carlson's guest, Jesse Kelly, had a meltdown in disbelief that a woman could be happily childless.

Chelsea Handler celebrated being childless in a comedy skit last week, and it has really upset some men on Fox News.

On Tuesday, Tucker Carlson and his guest, conservative radio host Jesse Kelly, threw a fit over the comedian’s video for “The Daily Show.” In the clip, the 47-year-old enjoyed “a day in the life of a childless woman,” which included a whole lot of doing “whatever the fuck I feel like.”

Carlson said the point of Handler’s video was to “make you feel good about being an aging, deeply unlikable woman who never had kids.”

Kelly saw Carlson’s misogyny and raised it, complaining that “feminists like Chelsea Handler” had been lied to by society that “you can be a girl boss and you can do anything a man can do.”

“Which everyone who’s ever seen a woman back up a vehicle knows that’s not true,” he added.

Kelly then blamed society for leading women to believe they can enjoy fulfilling lives without procreating.

“They’ve been told that they should do career and don’t do a family or anything like that,” he continued. “And soon you’re Chelsea Handler ... and your Valentine’s Day date for the 10th year in a row is a 10-year-old copy of ‘Magic Mike’ and a half-full bottle of Xanax and you’re trying to pretend like you’re happy, but you’re not happy.

“It’s actually not her fault. She’s been lied to by a country that has lost his way.”

The segment may have served as retaliation for one of Handler’s monologues while she was guest host last week of “The Daily Show,” when she joked about the way “motherhood is treated as a woman’s essential purpose in life, as if our destiny is to let a tiny stranger rip a hole through our Pikachu from the inside out.”

In her roast, she included a clip of a different misogynistic rant on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” In it, Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) complained to Carlson that progressive Democrats were “a bunch of childless cat ladies” destroying the country.

“Maybe if you two weren’t such boner killers, women would want to have more children,” Handler said.

In a separate monologue, Handler wondered why Carlson was such a “whiny little bitch.”

Carlson makes a habit of spouting and elevating unvarnished sexism on his show, including his observation in 2021 that COVID-19 “feminizes” and emasculates men because it makes them weaker. Earlier that year, he earned rebukes from the military after he complained that pregnant women serving in the armed forces were “making a mockery of the U.S. military.”

In 2019, the nonprofit watchdog group Media Matters dug up a series of comments Carlson made from 2006 to 2011 on talk radio, which included him describing women as “extremely primitive” and “like dogs.”

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