Fox News’ John Roberts Apologizes For ‘Hurtful’ Dig About Chris Christie

"I should not have said what I said," the conservative network anchor admitted after the crass jibe about the 2024 GOP presidential candidate.

Fox News host John Roberts apologized on the air Tuesday for making what he admitted was a “hurtful” comment about former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who launched his 2024 GOP presidential campaign earlier in the day.

Roberts used a clumsy metaphor about two milkshakes to describe the growing field of Republican candidates seeking to take on front-runner Donald Trump for the party’s nomination.

One milkshake effectively belonged to Trump, because of his solid support from his MAGA base, said Roberts. The other milkshake was stuffed with the straws of Trump’s ever-increasing number of rivals.

“Now we’re gonna have Chris Christie’s straw in there,” continued Roberts.

“Judging by Chris Christie’s physical stature, he could drink a lot of that milkshake if he wanted to,” Roberts added. “But you’re not affecting the Donald Trump milkshake, you’re just affecting the other part.”

Watch the video here:

Roberts apologized for the dig later in the show, saying he felt “terrible.”

“I made a comment that I meant to be light-hearted, but immediately realized was hurtful toward Gov. Chris Christie,” he said. “I should not have said what I said. I deeply regret it and I sincerely apologize to the governor.”

Christie underwent lap-band surgery in 2013. His weight has long been the subject of attacks.

Then-presidential candidate Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) reportedly mocked Christie behind his back during the 2012 election.

Trump himself appeared to jab Christie with comments about “size” following the former governor’s campaign launch, and Trump’s campaign predicted Christie would “waste no time” eating the lunch of their GOP rival, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

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