Fox News Pundit Spells Out How Republicans Could Steal 2024 Election

“People who love America need to face this threat to democracy and act with urgency," warned political analyst Juan Williams.

Fox NewsJuan Williams broke down the three-step Republican strategy that may allow the GOP to steal the 2024 presidential election.

“‘How to Get Away With Murder’ was a recent TV crime show. As the 2024 race approaches, the Trump GOP’s current weekly drama is titled ‘How to Get Away with Murdering Democracy,’” Williams, whose liberal-leaning views are often at odds with fellow personalities on the conservative network, wrote in an essay for The Hill on Monday.

Williams said the GOP’s first phase in the election-stealing plot was downplaying the U.S. Capitol riot, nixing a bipartisan commission to investigate the violence, and scaring “honest Republicans” into silence and complicity.

The second step involves changing election laws “in states with GOP-majority legislatures” to ensure only they can certify results. The third was passing new laws to suppress voting, especially by people of color.

Republican focus “is solely on regaining political power,” wrote Williams, who left “The Five” show in May but remains a commentator on the network.

“They have no agenda for helping the country. They are totally focused on Jan. 6, 2025,” he added, referencing the date when Congress will certify the 2024 winner.

“People who love America need to face this threat to democracy and act with urgency,” Williams concluded.

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