Laura Ingraham’s Cry For CEOs To Defend ‘This Way Of Life’ From Socialism Goes Awry

"'This way of life' where teachers spend their own money to supply classrooms and you need to beg on the internet when your kid gets cancer?" one Twitter user responded to the Fox News host.

Fox NewsLaura Ingraham issued a rallying cry to wealthy CEOs to start defending the “way of life in this country” from the “latest socialist fad” on Tuesday night.

The Ingraham Angle” host’s plea came after conservative pollster Frank Luntz cited a poll that suggested “a majority of young people” now believe socialism is a better economic system than capitalism.

Ingraham blamed radicalized universities and the mainstream media.

She then delivered this call to arms:

“We have CEOs, Frank, that are running for cover. I mean, these CEOs, who have been doing well in the Trump economy, they better get out there, get out from under their desks and start defending this way of life in this country or they’re gonna find themselves, I guess, running for the next plane to the Bahamas or somewhere else they can hide their money.”

Check out the clip, via Contemptor, here:

Ingraham’s plea was criticized on Twitter: