Fox News' Liz Trotta Slams Anderson Cooper's Egypt Coverage (VIDEO)

Fox News commentator Liz Trotta called Anderson Cooper's coverage of the Egyptian revolution "shocking" and accused him of having no "modesty."

Trotta, who is a contributor to the channel and who appears on its weekly media show "Fox News Watch," was on the Sunday edition of "America's News Headquarters" when she made the comments.

She called Cooper's reporting "really shocking," saying that "any correspondent worth his salt knows that you shouldn't be making editorial comments." Cooper, she said, became "quite incoherent, accusing Mubarak of lies--and, though they may be lies and probably were, it's not in his purview to say so."

The host asked another question, but Trotta brought her answer back to Cooper. She said that she had been offended by his appearance on David Letterman's show last week. (Cooper turned up on Wednesday and discussed being attacked in Egypt.)

"Hasn't the man any modesty at all?" Trotta said. "Forget journalistic ethics--doesn't he have any personal modesty?"


Trotta is the second figure in as many days to comment on Cooper's coverage of Egypt. On Saturday, the Los Angeles Times' James Rainey also said that Cooper had used the term "lies" too much in his reporting, writing that his use of the term became "one note."