Fox News Mole: Caught Or Not? Leaker Saga Takes Chaotic Turn

Saga Of Fox News Mole Continues

The saga of the Fox News mole, the anonymous employee who has been writing cheeky posts about the network, took a rather bizarre turn on Wednesday.

The self-described mole caused a stir on Tuesday when they posted the first of a series of "regular dispatches from inside the organization."

The debut column included a video of Mitt Romney's off-the-record banter with Sean Hannity. Romney talked about his wife's love of horseback riding, and made fun of Donald Trump. The mole dished about the office bathrooms in their second installment.

On Wednesday, a Fox News spokesperson said that the network had "found the person" and was "exploring legal options at this time."

Less than two hours later, the mole put out a counterclaim. "If Fox has smoked me out, it's news to me. I'm still here. Back to work."

Fox News then doubled down, telling Mediaite, "we know who it is."

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