Fox News' Neil Cavuto Shreds Donald Trump: 'The Problem Is You'

The Fox News host railed against the president for saying the stock market would crash if he were impeached.

Fox News host Neil Cavuto issued one of his searing monologues on Thursday, criticizing President Donald Trump for focusing on the stock market’s positive performance while creating “a moral bust.”

″You are so darned focused on promoting a financial boom that you fail to see that you are the one creating this moral bust,” Cavuto said. “And we could all be the poorer for it.”

Cavuto was responding to Trump’s claim in a Fox News interview this week that the stock market would crash if he were impeached.

“You don’t prevent a constitutional crisis by threatening a financial one,” Cavuto said. “But, Mr. President, you guarantee both when your very actions and words create that crisis or make people think that you’re hiding one.”

The Fox News host then listed some of the president’s most “worrisome and tiresome” lies, calling out Trump for changing his story on controversies ranging from “hush money” payments to women who said they had affairs with him to his knowledge of a 2016 Trump Tower meeting with a Kremlin-linked lawyer in hopes of gathering damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

“You are right to say that some are out to get you,” Cavuto said to Trump. ”But oftentimes, Mr. President, the problem is you: what you say, and how you keep changing what you say.”

Check out Cavuto’s full takedown in the video below.

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