Fox News Host Neil Cavuto Taunts Trolls Who Came For Him After Trump Takedown

“No, you shut up!"

Fox News host Neil Cavuto has fired back at the Donald Trump supporters who sent him insulting messages following his Thursday takedown of the president.

Cavuto ended Friday’s episode of “Your World” by reading out a sample of the tweets, Facebook posts and emails he’d received from viewers — some of whom were “clearly ticked off” with him for calling out Trump over his lies the previous evening.

Some posts praised Cavuto’s stance, but most included abusive statements against him. Cavuto, who is one of the few hosts on the conservative network who regularly criticizes Trump, took the meaner messages in his stride, however.

“Do not,” Cavuto replied to someone who told him he “sucked.” “How dare you call me fat, Karen. Didn’t you know the camera adds 20 pounds?” he mockingly replied to an email criticizing his physical appearance.

To end the show, Cavuto explained that just because he didn’t always praise Trump, it didn’t mean he was a “Never Trump.” “I’m not here to provide lessons, just facts,” he added. “Words matter, yes tweets matter.”

Check out the clip above.