Fox News, North Korean State TV Mashup Shows Scary Similarities In Coverage

The video from "The Daily Show" compares Fox News hosts to state TV presenters celebrating Kim Jong Un.

“The Daily Show” posted a mashup on Twitter Thursday that compared the coverage of President Donald Trump on Fox News to the state-controlled television in North Korea’s rhetoric on leader Kim Jong Un.

They are ... alarmingly similar.

The minute-and-a-half clip features various Fox News personalities talking about Trump’s meeting with Kim earlier this month. Those clips are shown in tandem with the booming and celebratory commentary about Kim from personalities on North Korean state TV.

“Only days ago, President Trump ushered in a new era of diplomacy,” says Fox News host Sean Hannity in one clip, followed by a North Korean state TV presenter saying of Kim: “Our venerable supreme leader comrade opened a new, triumphant era of diplomacy.”

ANTHONY WALLACE via Getty Images

There are a handful of other clips, with the rhetoric about each leader being nearly identical. Take Fox’s Jeanine Pirro saying of Trump: “This is something that many analysts and pundits thought was totally impossible,” followed by a state TV presenter saying: “Who could have imagined that this moment was possible?”

You can watch the full mashup madness above.

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