Fox News Wonders If Castro Friend Nelson Mandela Would Have Hated Obama's Castro Handshake

Fox News' Ridiculous Obama Debate

Fox News had an in-depth segment on Tuesday about whether or not President Obama's brief handshake with Cuban president Raul Castro was a betrayal of Nelson Mandela or not.

"A journalist contacted us today saying this would not have been in the spirit of Mandela, it would have been disrespectful to the spirit of Mandela," anchor Bill Hemmer intoned. One guest agreed with this; another did not.

At no point did anybody mention the fact that Mandela considered Cuba an ally in the anti-apartheid movement, paid fulsome tribute to Fidel Castro on many an occasion, and would probably have loved it if Cuba and the U.S. strengthened their ties.

NBC's Chuck Todd was aghast:

Todd's pushback got some pushback of its own.

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