Fox News Skips Obama Gun Vote Statement; Host Apologizes

Fox News chose to skip President Obama's statement on the background checks proposal that failed to pass in the Senate on Wednesday.

The bipartisan proposal on expanded background checks, a move that is supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans, fell short with the Senate voting 54-46 against the amendment.

Broadcast and cable networks interrupted regular programming to bring viewers Obama's remarks, except Fox News. The cable network stayed on "The Five," where hosts were discussing the media coverage of the Boston bombings.

A father who lost a child in the Newtown mass shooting introduced the president. Fox News briefly cut to show video of the president taking the podium, while the hosts continued talking about the media coverage of Boston. At the end of the "The Five," co-host Greg Gutfeld apologized for cutting out of the Obama press conference. "I think that should have been handled better," he said.



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