Fox News On Christine O'Donnell: 'No Plans To Hire Her'

Fox News: We Don't Want Christine O'Donnell

Shortly after Republican Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell lost her race for the Senate from Delaware, media-watchers began speculating that she might follow Sarah Palin's path and become a Fox News contributor.

"O'Donnell would be latest case that a losing candidate can have more media juice (Palin 2.0). Could be smart for Fox to sign her," New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman tweeted.

"Fox will TOTALLY sign her - if they haven't already," Mediaite's Rachel Sklar chimed in.

But Fox News says it isn't happening.

The network told Mediaite it has "no plans to hire her."

O'Donnell made Fox News her national media home during her campaign (as much as she did national media), following the advice of Palin, who advised her to "speak through Fox News." O'Donnell also reportedly boasted to Republicans that she had "Sean Hannity in [her] back pocket."

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