Fox News Guest Penny Nance Ties Anthony Foxx's Day Of Reason To Holocaust (VIDEO)

A Fox News guest criticized President Obama's transportation nominee on Thursday, saying that his declaration of a National Day of Reason was an example of the type of thinking that led to the Holocaust.

Thursday was the National Day of Prayer. Anthony Foxx — the mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina and Obama's pick to head the Department of Transportation — issued a proclamation for the National Day Of Reason in his city, as well.

Speaking on "Fox and Friends," guest Penny Nance — who is the CEO of Concerned Women for America — said she didn't understand why Foxx did that.

"You know, G. K. Chesterton said that the Doctrine of Original Sin is the only one which we have 3,000 years of empirical evidence to back up. Clearly, we need faith as a component and it’s just silly for us to say otherwise," she said.

Nance continued, "You know, the Age of Enlightenment and Reason gave way to moral relativism. And moral relativism is what led us all the way down the dark path to the Holocaust… Dark periods of history is what we arrive at when we leave God out of the equation."

It is the second year that Foxx has endorsed the National Day of Reason, which advocates the separation of church and state, in Charlotte. "The application of reason, more than any other means, has proven to offer hope for human survival on Earth," his proclamation read.



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