Fox News Plucks 'Back Wax' Ad From YouTube

Fox News Plucks 'Back Wax' Ad From YouTube

Fox News Channel has forced YouTube to take down a Democratic National Committee Web ad that mocks Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio for spending $130 on a haircut saying that the spot illegally uses network footage.

Rubio's grooming bill became an issue after his opponent, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, accused Rubio of spending the money on a back wax.

For Fox, it's a selective application of a copyright claim. While the network is protesting the DNC's new spot, it apparently has no problem with the Republican National Committee for placing a Fox News segment on its site featuring Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) explaining his opposition to health care reform. [Updated Below]

A Democratic source, arguing that this could constitute evidence that Fox News is in the tank for Rubio, points out that the YouTube page where the DNC ad used to be currently contains the following disclaimer: "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Fox News Network, LLC."

The ad, which was made up entirely of a Greta Van Susteren interview with Crist in which the Florida governor asks whether Rubio spent $130 on a hair cut or a back wax -- can still be seen here.

No such disclaimer, however, graces the YouTube page where the RNC has placed a 43-second Stupak clip, which is made up entirely of a cut from a Fox News interview.

UPDATE: Fox News, as of Friday morning, has effectively pulled videos that use network footage from the RNC's YouTube channel as well.

"Just as we took the DNC clip down for copyright claims, we asked the same of the RNC," Fox spokeswoman Irena Briganti emailed POLITICO.

This makes the following comment from DNC National Press Secretary Hari Sevugan (which appeared in the original version of this article) somewhat moot:

"FOX News clearly is concerned about the potential embarrassment the Republican Senate candidates and the Republican Party of Florida might receive from this clip on back wax gate - proving again that FOX news is an arm of the GOP. If you need further proof - just look at just one of the FOX News video clips that resides on the RNC website - of course this one is critical of Democrats and President Obama. Go figure. Apparently Fox's idea of fair is balanced by their partisan sympathies."

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