Fox News Producer Caught Rallying 9/12 Protest Crowd In Behind-The-Scenes Video

A Fox News Channel producer has been caught in a behind-the-scenes video rallying the crowd during last weekend's 9/12 protest in Washington.

The Huffington Post has confirmed that the woman in the below video — seen raising her arms to rally the crowd behind Griff Jenkins, who was reporting from the scene for Fox News — is Fox News producer Heidi Noonan.

"The employee is a young, relatively inexperienced associate producer who realizes she made a mistake and has been disciplined," Bryan Boughton, Fox News Channel Washington Bureau Chief told the Huffington Post.

The video shows the producer on her cell phone as she urges the crowd behind Jenkins to cheer louder. An "I'm A Foxaholic" poster appears nearby.

The 9/12 movement has been championed by Glenn Beck, and is designed to "bring us all back to the place we were on September 12, 2001" when "we were united as Americans, standing together to protect the values and principles of the greatest nation ever created."

Fox News heavily promoted the protest event, and took out an ad in newspapers Friday asking how other news networks could "miss [the] story," only to have competitors hit back with proof that they covered the protest extensively.


Below is video of the segment as it aired on Fox News (via MediaMatters):