Fox News Pundit Reaction to DOJ DOMA Stance: "This Is Mubarak Obama"

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The Department of Justice's announcement that DOMA is unconstitutional and President Obama's decision not to defend it in federal court have prompted one Fox News pundit to compare the United States to a Middle Eastern dictatorship.

Moments after the Department of Justice announced it would not be defending the Defense of Marriage Act in the Second Circuit, Fox News pundit Monica Crowley declared the end of democracy, comparing President Obama to deposed Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. She went on to suggest that the president is guilty of an impeachable offense, saying that had President Bush decided not to enforce laws protecting gay people, he would have been impeached.

Newsflash Fox: When President Bush was in office, there were no federal laws protecting gay people from discrimination. More to the point, President Bush stopped enforcing some major civil and human rights laws that protected all people, gay and straight, including the Geneva Convention and the Fourth Amendment. And there were calls for his impeachment. But Bush didn't decide those laws were unconstitutional violations of civil rights. He decided he was more powerful than the Constitution and that he could violate civil rights. There's a difference.

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