Fox News Reports: American Wins NY Marathon, Kenyan Wins US Presidency

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) - The Fox News Channel reported today that an American won the New York marathon and a Kenyan won the U.S. presidency.

But moments after Fox reported that Meb Keflezighi, an American runner, had placed first in the marathon, several conservative activists came forward to question Mr. Keflezighi's status as a U.S. citizen, which he became in 1998.

"Mr. Keflezighi claims that he is a U.S. citizen," said Orly Taitz, leader of the so-called Birthers movement. "However, I have information proving that his citizenship papers were forged by a witch-doctor in a mud-hut in Eritrea."

In a related story, Fox reminded its viewers to turn their clocks back 400 years. More here.

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