As a Former Tea Party Patriot, Here's What I Think Is Wrong With the GOP

Idaho Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll, R-Cottonwood, asks questions in a committee hearing on Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013, in Boise, Idaho. Ea
Idaho Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll, R-Cottonwood, asks questions in a committee hearing on Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013, in Boise, Idaho. Earlier this week, Nuxoll compared the role of insurance companies in the federal health care overhaul to the plight of Jews during the Holocaust. (AP Photo/Todd Dvorak)

What is it with the repeated attempts by "conservative" candidates and politicians to make all of the right look stupid and ignorant, whether it is Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock's vile statements on rape and pregnancy or the latest misuse of the word "Holocaust"? This latest example of insensitivity to Jewish (and other victims) history comes from an Idaho Republican who compared Obamacare to Nazi atrocities. Someone needs to explain the ins & outs of Godwin's Law to Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll before makes an even bigger fool of herself and conservatives. This is what she said and it beggars belief she could have thought it a good idea. "Jews boarding the trains to concentration camps," was the exact thing this woman compared Obamacare to in her comments.

And yes, Fox News is just as aloof as some politicians. To show how much they grasp the angst of the grassroots, Fox has dumped Palin and hired Redstate/CNN political contributor Erick Erickson. Erickson is an establishment sycophant and ferocious critic of anyone questioning the conservative/Republican establishment. So yet another pontificator on Fox News out of touch with the grassroots. At least Fox could have replaced Palin with the far more interesting Dana Loesch, bête noire of CNN's Piers Morgan. She is edgy with her tattoo, penchant for black and experience in the tea party movement (her husband is even a rocker).

The Republicans and conservatives have a huge hill to climb if they want to viable again. Unless Republicans/the right wake up, dire results could be replicated across the land in the next few years. So what are they doing? Well, squabbling mostly, and their leaders in D.C. are figuring out new ways to cave in to Obama and the Democrats. The Republicans don't have any time to do a good job in opposition since they are doing such a wonderful job at attacking others on their own side. Whether it is the tea party or the liberty movement, the establishment on the right continues to do all they can to marginalize and drive the most active in their grassroots away.

Given the chance, as the RNC were little while ago, to reverse appalling rule changes made in 2012 at their convention that had Sarah Palin and Morton Blackwell up in arms, they didn't budge. So activists in both the tea party and the liberty movement are wondering why they bother considering how they were treated in Tampa. Facebook and forums are full of talk of betrayal and angst. The RNC removed the head of the Alaska Republican Party, who is more liberty-minded chairman, yesterday in a coup:

Alaska Republicans want reform and a new direction for the party and that's why they elected Russ Millette in the first place. He may not be loyal to the corrupt party establishment, but he does represent what the party rank and file want -- change.

Why are conservative/Republican leaders being so cloth-eared and ignoring their base? Well, it is probably because the establishment is worried about two wave movements two cycles in a row. First the tea party movement in 2010, and then the liberty/Ron Paul movement in 2012. Both of these uprisings on the non-left originated at the grassroots and threatening to the beltway mentality. The lengths to which the establishment went to help the mainstream media besmirch these groups was quite spectacular.

Organizations -- whether the RNC or the NRA -- need to realize they have to embrace the grassroots and activists rather than spurn and patronize them. Whether it is minorities, the young or even the more libertarian-minded, the Beltway has to embrace them or die on the vine. People don't want one form of patronizing big brother nannying to be replaced by patronizing religious-"inspired" government nannying. They just want to be left alone to get one with their lives and try to earn a living.

Instead of just sneering at "liberals" and being outraged, how about leaders on the right learn from the left and show a bit of leadership? Americans of whatever ilk are tired of being patronized by their political leaders, the media and so-called "interest groups." They may not believe that inside the beltway but unless they get a clue they will be replaced by people who get it.