Fox News Hosts Admit They'd Rip Obama And Praise Trump For The Same Thing

Jaw-dropping supercut exposes the hypocrisy of how the network covered the two presidents.

Fox News hosts have been celebrating President Donald Trump’s meetings with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, including one at the DMZ this weekend.

And some now admit they’d handle the situation a whole lot differently if President Barack Obama had met with Kim.

The moment of honesty came as “The Five” spoke of how some Democratic candidates had slammed Trump for the photo-op and meeting, during which he briefly crossed into North Korea.

“Of course they are going to attack him. Let’s be honest: If it were an adversary from your party on the other side doing it, we would do the same thing,” co-host Greg Gutfeld said Monday.

“How dare Obama meet with a dictator with no preconditions!” co-host Jesse Watters said, his voice rising in mock outrage as others on the show laughed.

That’s precisely what the network did when Obama even suggested during the 2008 campaign that he’d meet with the leader of an “enemy” nation, as this supercut video from NowThis News shows:

Gutfeld on Monday also defended diplomacy in general when it comes to the leaders of enemy nations:

“If you see diplomacy as a weakness, what does that leave you with? We know that there are tyrants and creeps in this world. You can hold two thoughts in your head that you’ve got rough customers in the world and you’ve got to talk to them.”

Gutfeld said the nation doesn’t lose anything by talking to an enemy and – knowingly or not ― essentially restated the very 2008 comment by Obama that set off Fox News in the first place.

Obama said at the time during a Democratic debate:

“I will meet not just with our friends but with our enemies, because I remember what John F. Kennedy said, that we should never negotiate out of fear, but we should never fear to negotiate.”

Co-host Juan Williams noted that Republicans called out Obama at the time, which the rest of “The Five” panel thought was hilarious.

“Couldn’t trust Obama, though,” Gutfeld replied, laughing.

“Whoever you support, you trust that person with your message,” co-host Dana Perino said.

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