Fox News Host Rips Trump Flack's Mask Defense, Points Out ‘Big Difference’ With Biden

Sandra Smith fact-checked campaign press secretary Hogan Gidley's defense of the president’s mask-removal stunt.

Trump campaign press secretary Hogan Gidley attempted to defend President Donald Trump’s reckless face mask-removal stunt at the White House by pointing out that Democratic nominee Joe Biden did not wear a mask during his NBC town hall around the same time.

Fox News host Sandra Smith wasn’t having it.

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “America’s Newsroom,” Smith called out Gidley for his false equivalence by pointing out the “one big difference” between Trump and Biden.

“The president is currently shedding the virus,” Smith noted. “He’s still in the middle of the 10-day virus phase.”

Check out the exchange from the 6-minute mark here:

Trump sparked widespread anger Monday when he took off his mask for the cameras on the White House balcony soon after returning from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he’d been hospitalized for three days for coronavirus treatment.

Gidley earlier in the interview falsely claimed that Trump ― who has repeatedly mocked Biden and others for wearing a mask, and has mostly refused to wear one himself ― had “led on the issue” of wearing face masks “at every single turn.”

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