Fox News Host Eric Bolling Wants Commies Off 'Sesame Street'

Today's episode was brought to you by the letter "P" for "Paranoid."

In a scene straight out of the "Red Scare" of the 1950s, a Fox News cohost said he's worried about communists... on "Sesame Street" of all places.

In a segment on "The Five" on Thursday, cohosts Eric Bolling and Juan Williams discussed the upcoming first season of "Sesame Street" on HBO.

Williams spoke about some of the changes the show has made since its shift to cable, including downgrading from an hour-long show to just 30 minutes and featuring fewer characters.

"Also, guess what? Cookie Monster, better diet, maybe some vegan food," Williams said, according to a clip posted online by Media Matters.

"Are they gonna move away from the left-wing communist diatribe they put out every single day?" Bolling asked.

"Communist?" Williams said. "I don't know about that."

The new season of "Sesame Street," the show's 46th overall, debuts on HBO on Saturday.

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