Shep Smith: It's 'Wrong' To Blame Illinois Cop's Suicide On Black Lives Matter

The Fox News anchor criticized attempts to blame activists for Charles Gliniewicz's death.

Fox News anchor Shep Smith threw shade at those who tried to connect Illinois Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz's death to the Black Lives Matter movement -- including politicians, pundits and media outlets.

“Think of the narrative that came out of that from so many, many places, about, ‘It’s the fault of the Black Lives Matter movement,'” Smith said Thursday. “All of this stuff that was just, it really turned up the rhetoric and it really was factually wrong."

The Fox Lake police officer, who died in September and was thought to have been murdered, staged his own death, according to records released Thursday.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz were among those who argued Gliniewicz's death was as a result of a so-called "war on cops," while Smith's Fox News colleague Megyn Kelly directly linked the incident to the the Black Lives Matter movement.

Smith pointed to fresh revelations in the documents, including that Gliniewicz attempted to hire a hit man to kill a village administrator he "feared would expose him as a thief" and text messages stored in his phone that indicate he considered planting cocaine on the administrator to "discredit her as a criminal."

Investigators also unearthed evidence Wednesday that Gliniewicz had been stealing money from a local police program he oversaw for years.

"Don't get ahead of the news," Smith concluded. "It'll run you over."

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