Shep Smith Appears To Pull Subtlest Of Fact-Checks On Fellow Fox News Hosts

Smith countered "Outnumbered" hosts' claims about "filthy" New York City in the most understated way.

The hosts of Fox News’ “Outnumbered” have been on something of a downer about New York City this week.

For two successive days, they made various claims about the city becoming “filthy” and “more dangerous than ever” — and they laid the blame firmly at the feet of Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat.

Fellow Fox News host Shep Smith, however, contradicted their assertions by throwing what some people on Twitter believed was the subtlest of shade on Friday night.

Smith didn’t refer to his colleagues’ claims directly. But at the end of a segment centering on the ongoing partial government shutdown, he said:

“Here in New York City, city crime rates, violent crime rates, are the lowest they’ve been in seven decades. The violent crime rate is the lowest of any major city in America. Streets are clean, things are good. Come visit us.”

Check out the clip, via Contemptor, here: