Fox News Anchor Stands Up For CNN And Defines 'Fake News'

Shepard Smith breaks it down once and for all.

After the White House blocked several major news organizations from attending an off-camera press briefing, known as a gaggle, journalists, both invited to the presser and not, stood up for the media.

Among them was Fox News anchor Shepard Smith.

During a Friday news segment, he explained the White House’s gaggle debacle and discussed President Donald Trump bashing media as “fake news” during the president’s Conservative Political Action Conference speech earlier that day.

Smith took the time to define “fake news” and then stood up for CNN, which the White House barred from Friday’s briefing.

“Fake news refers to stories that are created often by entities pretending to be news organizations solely to drive clicks and views based on nothing of substance,” Smith explained.

“CNN’s reporting was not fake news,” Smith said, after summarizing the news network’s coverage of Trump’s campaign’s ties to Russia.

Smith took it one step further when he aligned CNN’s reporting with his own organization’s.

“Its journalists follow the same standards to which other news organizations, including Fox News, adhere,” he said.

Watch Smith take a stand against “fake news” and defend CNN in the Fox News segment above.



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