No, Fox News, Not All Latinos Eat Tacos (VIDEO)

Newsroom diversity is helping Fox News personalities learn geography.

“So what are the tips you need to know, to do it correctly -- you grew up on tacos, correct?” Fox News commentator Brian Kilmeade asked Latina meteorologist Maria Molina during Friday’s broadcast of Fox and Friends.

“She Colombian,” Steve Doocy chimed in, also missing the mark.

“No, I did not grow up on tacos,” Molina says, laughing. “I’m Nicaraguan, and it’s not a native food.”

It’s common for those who don’t know much about Latino culture to assume all Hispanics grow up eating tacos. When the mayor of East Haven, Connecticut, Joseph Maturo Jr., was asked last year what he would do for the Latino community to address allegations of racial profiling in his town, he said “I might have tacos when I go home, I’m not quite sure yet.”

In fact, most of the Latino community in his area is Ecuadorian and do not traditionally eat tacos. Maturo later apologized for the comments.

Earlier this week, several Fox News personalities railed against the federal government for providing information about how to sign up for Obamacare in languages other than English.



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