Fox News: "The Facts Are Not Irrefutable"

Fox News: "The Facts Are Not Irrefutable"

Here's an enjoyable piece of video of Fox News' William La Jeunesse attempting to speak extemporaneously about facts and fact checking and who fact checks the factcheckers for their factcheckiness. This was probably a big mistake, as what ensued was a festival of malapropism and double-negative misorienteering, culminating in a statement that many people might find to be a fitting corporate motto for Fox News.


LA JEUNESSE: Tonight as those candidates debate, an army of internet fact checkers will be trying to separate fact from fiction, acting as judge and jury as to which candidate is telling the truth or a tall tale. While most of these sites are non-partisan, timely and useful, like and Politifact, remember, they are uh...well, their facts are -- no one is checking the fact checkers. And their facts...unlike science...the facts are not irrefutable. And now to Washington.

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