Fox Can't Believe People Would Question An Elected President's Legitimacy

The cable network has a very short memory, apparently.

In much of their post-election coverage, Fox News pundits condemned Americans demonstrating against Donald Trump for refusing to “legitimize” the president-elect. They called protesters “crybabies,” told them to get jobs, and questioned how media coverage would differ if Hillary Clinton had won.

The network continued the narrative this week, when Fox media critic Howard Kurtz slammed other members of the media, “mostly on the liberal side,” for saying Trump “should not be normalized” and for expressing concern that he’d picked a man who ran a white nationalist website as his White House strategist.

“In truth, they don’t fully accept the results of the election,” Kurtz argued, calling the protests an “echo of what some opponents did to the nation’s first black president. He was unfit, he wasn’t legitimate, he was a Muslim, he wasn’t born here, and we had to ‘take back our country’—that became a very common rallying cry.”

By “some opponents,” Kurtz must have been referring to Fox News. As the video above shows, Trump and Fox delegitimized the presidency of Barack Obama for years, questioning his birthplace, faith and patriotism.

Now, Fox and Trump are upset that others are questioning the president-elect’s “legitimacy.”

How the tables have turned.

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