Fox News' Tucker Carlson Says Black Lives Matter 'Is Poison'

“Says the guy on the most toxic network ever,” one person on Twitter replied.

Fox NewsTucker Carlson continued his campaign against Black Lives Matter in a new podcast released Thursday, in which he called the movement “poison.”

“You know, I know plenty of people who are for Black Lives Matter. A lot of them are nice people,” Carlson said on the latest episode of conservative website The Federalist’s “Federalist Radio Hour” show.

“I’m not mad at them. I disagree,” he continued. “I think Black Lives Matter is poison. OK, they have another view. That’s all right.”

Carlson’s “poison” comment drew anger on Twitter, where critics referenced his past racist rhetoric.

Carlson has ramped up his on-air attacks on BLM in recent weeks.

On Wednesday, he used his primetime “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show to lash out at what he defined as the “hysteria” surrounding the movement.

Carlson likened it to a pandemic and said “Minneapolis was our Wuhan.”

Last month, Carlson falsely claimed anti-racism protesters removing statues of racist historical figures “are the armed militia of the Democratic Party.” He also scaremongered viewers by alleging a BLM “mob” is coming for them.

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