Tucker Carlson Comes This Close To Echoing His Ugliest Statement About Immigration

The Fox News host's latest controversial comments have been called “flat-out white nationalism."

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson faced fierce backlash and lost advertisers last year when he said immigrants are making America “dirtier.”

On Monday, the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host came close to repeating the ugly sentiment during a discussion about migrants who seek asylum from uninhabitable conditions in their home countries that have been caused by the climate crisis.

Justin Haskins, of the right-wing climate change-denying Heartland Institute group, said if it was true that human beings are causing climate change, then “why are we bringing people from all over the world, where they produce CO2 emissions less per person, in places like Mexico and Guatemala, places like that, why are we bringing them to the United States, where we produce CO2 emissions per person at a much higher rate?”

Carlson responded:

And also, if you cared about the environment, which I personally do, emphatically care ― I actually go outside once in a while unlike most people on the left ― why would you want a crowded country? Isn’t crowding your country the fastest way to despoil it, to pollute it, to make it, you know, a place you wouldn’t want to live?

Check out the clip here:

Carlson’s comments drew scorn on Twitter:

Carlson’s prime time Fox colleague Laura Ingraham, (who has a long history of peddling white nationalist talking points on her show) on Monday characterized the 2020 election as a choice “between preserving our booming economy, our history and our heritage, the good and bad of it, and reversing, or reversing and repudiating all of that.”

“On this Veterans Day, we honor all of those who served armed forces over the years,” she said. “And I don’t think they sacrificed so that the rest of us could fritter it all away on a socialist or a globalist power grab that delivers nothing but pain and misery.”

Check out the clip, courtesy of Media Matters, here:

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