Tucker Carlson's Latest Rant Against Progressives Is All About Tipping

The Fox News host told viewers to "ask any waiter how well progressives tip. Seriously, ask a waiter."

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson once again directed his ire at progressives on Thursday night as he claimed, without evidence, that they don’t tip.

It was part of the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host’s wider attempt to make the case that being a progressive “allows you to attack others for the very same sins that you yourself are committing in greater abundance.”

“Ask any waiter how well progressives tip,” Carlson instructed his viewers. “Seriously, ask a waiter.”

Then he imagined a hypothetical scenario in which a group of progressive activists linger for hours inside a restaurant “delivering passionate lectures about the horrors of income inequality.” But, on leaving, they “shaft the working people who’ve served them food, the very people they claim to care about.”

“Only with progressivism is this behavior possible,” Carlson continued. “Precisely because they care so much about structural inequality, progressives don’t have to leave actual cash on an actual table for actual workers. Their tip is their profound sense of caring. Too bad waiters can’t pay the rent with that.”

Check out Carlson’s comments on tipping from the 9-minute mark below:

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