Fox News' Tucker Carlson Spouts Hot Air About Wind Power, Gets Blown Away On Twitter

People on Twitter taunted the Fox News host after he questioned how wind power "is going to heat your house when it's 30 below."

Fox NewsTucker Carlson called wind power “a scam” as he railed against the Green New Deal being proposed by left-leaning Democrats on Thursday night.

The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host said generating electricity from wind turbines was nothing more than an “elaborate rip-off perpetuated on impoverished rural America by a few heavily subsidized corporations that are getting rich by making the landscape uglier.”

“How is wind power going to heat your house when it’s 30 below?” Carlson added.

Check out the clip here:

As this video from the Science Channel explains, wind turbines are key to helping power thousands of homes in the interior of Alaska during the winter:

Carlson’s questioning of how wind turbines worked in the cold was widely ridiculed on Twitter:

Carlson also claimed that America was “nowhere near” being able to fulfill the Green New Deal’s aim of eliminating the use of fossil fuels within 12 years, and replacing them with sustainable and renewable energy.

It would put 6 million Americans out of work, he alleged, although he did not factor in the jobs that would be created by new industries. Carlson said the deal’s aim could be described as both “ambitious” and “more destructive than a major war on U.S. soil.”

He stopped short of criticizing solar power, however, which he acknowledged was “a promising technology” — unlike his Fox News colleague Jesse Watters, who didn’t have such a positive outlook on solar energy.

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