Fox News Shocked Olympic Basketball Team Celebrated Victory With Booze

Who knew that grown adults sometimes celebrate by drinking alcohol?

Fox News came under a severe amount of Twitter mockery on Monday after it suggested the notion that American Olympians might celebrate a gold medal victory by drinking alcohol was somehow shocking.

The network went into pearl-clutching mode after Team USA basketball star Kevin Durant posted clips to Instagram showing he and his fellow hoop players celebrating their fourth consecutive gold medal by drinking Lobos Tequila, a booze brand in which LeBron James is a major investor.

As you can see below, the team seems happily buzzed after the win against France, which beat Team USA earlier in the Olympics.

Since Fox News personalities like Laura Ingraham have gone after members of the U.S. Olympic team for being “self-promoting woke-sters,” the network decided that “pearl-clutching” was the best take for a story on the post-victory celebration.

Many Twitter users quickly mocked the network’s attempt to make a happy moment for the team seem somehow shocking or alarming.

Some people had questions.

One person suggested there was a time and place to celebrate ― and that place is when you’re broadcasting live.

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