Fox News VP John Moody is Back!

What is the #1 goal at Fox News HQ? Keep people scared.
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Huffpo scores an internal memo from Fox News Vice President John Moody!

You may recall the dozens of memos from Moody revealed by Outfoxed instructing staff to tilt the news in favor of the Republicans.

I had thought the Moody memos had stopped after the ruckus they caused when Outfoxed was released, but apparently not.

And what is the #1 goal at Fox News HQ? Keep people scared.

"The election and Rumsfeld's resignation were a major event, but not the end of the world. The war on terror goes on without interruption."

"Just because Dems won, the war on terror isn't over"

How to keep the "war on terror" in the news?

"We'll continue to work the Hamas threat to the US that came hours after the election results."

"Let's be on the lookout for any statements from the Iraqi insurgents, who must be thrilled at the prospect of a Dem-controlled congress."

Read the full memo here.

UPDATE: The News Hounds are reporting that Martha MacCallum had this to say on-air the day of the memo: "some reports of cheering in the streets on the behalf of the supporters of the insurgency in Iraq, that they're very pleased with the way things are going here and also with the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld."

With no sourcing at all. Again, Outfoxed watchers will note the use of "some reports" as another version on "some people say", Fox's way of inserting their slant into news broadcasts without any sourcing.

For the latest Fox News distortions, check out the News Hounds, who watch it so we don't have to.

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