Fox News Can't Stop Freaking Out About Weed

Fox News Freaks Out About Weed

Is it just us, or does Fox News have a bit of an...issue with weed?

Both Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly recently turned their shows into major platforms for debates-- or just lots of yelling-- about marijuana laws.

Hannity hosted a special Friday night called "Stoned America," with an odd panel of guests and a playlist of marijuana songs to jam out to before commercial breaks.

The show's panel consisted of doctors, comedians, Fox News contributors and legal analysts. One doctor chimed in that people who smoke pot with animals get "fatter" and then equated voting for marijuana legalization to voting for slavery. A former NYPD detective claimed that every single person who smokes marijuana will end up brain dead. Oh, and somehow Sasha and Malia Obama got thrown into the picture when someone questioned them smoking weed in the White House.

Then on Tuesday, Bill O'Reilly led his Fox News show into a discussion about the fourth graders who were caught selling weed at their elementary school in Colorado. O'Reilly, who has made his anti-marijuana stance very (very) clear, dedicated a segment of his show to bashing Colorado's marijuana legalization and said that the state was "out of control." He attacked pretty much anyone he could find to attack for supporting the drug, including the Denver Post for not sending a reporter to the school and thus being "the worst newspaper in the country."

"I think I may have to move back to Colorado and run for governor," O'Reilly threatened.

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