Fox News Crew Gets Scolded At Democratic Meeting (VIDEO)

A Fox News camera crew showed up unannounced at a Democratic meeting in Wisconsin Monday, prompting a confrontation that eventually forced the show's producer into a rather startling admission: he understands why Democrats are wary of his network's coverage.

When Steve Brown and his crew were noticed hanging out near the back of a Milwaukee Democrats monthly meeting, party chairman Sachin Chheda called them out and asked them to explain why they were there, considering News Corp's -- the parent company of Fox News -- highly publicized $1 million donation to the Republican Governors Association.

"Do you think it's understandable why Democrats across the country have this reaction when Fox News shows up, that they feel it's not a fair organization, it's a biased organization, and it doesn't give a fair shake to Democrats and Democratic viewpoints?" Chheda asked.

Brown then explained that he wasn't responsible for the actions of the entire outlet, just as Chheda wasn't responsible for the actions of all Democrats in his organization, but in the end he made a surprising concession:

"I understand," Brown said of Democratic suspicion of Fox News. "I have been dealing with this in various different degrees for 12 years. I understand people are allowed to have whatever opinion they wish to have about my organization or any other one. If you don't want us here, we'll leave."

Chheda appeared surprised at this response, and then announced that he'd allow the cameras to roll.

"I'm not gonna kick them out. If they wanna stay here and watch us talk about Democratic values and Democratic issues I think the Fox News Channel should be welcome to do that," Chheda said. "If they want to report about what's going on and what's happening in this election I think that what they'll see is that we're fired up, we're ready to go."


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