Fox News Has Some Sexist Business Advice For All You Ladies Out There

Fox News Has Some Very Sexist Advice To Give Women

Fox News is offering career advice for women: wear a colorful top, and don't raise your voice too much.

The hosts of Monday's "Fox and Friends" discussed those tips during an interview with Sylvia Ann Hewlett, author of the book "Executive Presence." She had these pointers for women who want to get ahead at work:

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"A little thing that you think is important is your presentation and your voice,” Kilmeade said, by way of introducing pointer number two. “Keep it low, don’t speak loud.”

“For women,” Doocy added. Hewlett said that the same advice applies to men.

Later, the author cautioned women against rambling or "[filling] the air with words." Doocy wanted to know if that meant "don't talk too much."

"Exactly," Hewlett said.

Watch the segment here:

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