Fox News Xmas War Snore: Nobody's Buying It

Despite an avalanche of mentions on Fox News,continues to do disappointing business -- even loyal Red State viewers aren't buying it.
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John Gibson's book publisher must have thought he'd died and gone to heaven. The Fox News anchor, out peddling The War on Christmas, not only got to plug the book on his weekday program, The Big Show, but Fox News producers generously booked Gibson on an array of other shows, pounding the idea that liberal secularists were out to kill Christmas.

According to Media Matters for America's tally, Fox News has aired nearly 60 separate segments on the Christ-hating craze this season. For Gibson's publisher it's a dream come true; non-stop televised publicity that reaches the target audience of cranky conservatives who have shown again and again their eager willingness to send partisan books rocketing up the best-sellers list. Talk about sitting back and counting the money, right?

Wrong. Despite an avalanche of mentions on Fox News, The War on Christmas continues to do disappointing business. It's nowhere near breaking through the New York Times best-seller's list. It's not even included on USA Today's expanded list of the top 150 best selling books. In fact, according to's sales rankings, The War on Christmas is stuck in the 200's; No. 286 to be specific. The book has sold approximately 30,000 copies since hitting book store shelves nearly two months ago. That'd be decent business for a first-time non-fiction writer. But for a Fox News anchor whose employer won't stop plugging the title, that sales total is middling at best, which only confirms how manufactured Fox News' crusade is -- even its loyal, Red State viewers aren't buying it.

; War's woes continue. Today the book slides down to No. 364 at Amazon. (Thanks hapkidokid .)

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