'Simpsons' Head: Fox Won't Let Us Show Homer's Butt

"The Simpsons" celebrated some good news Thursday, as the animated legend was renewed by Fox for an eye-popping 23rd season. While discussing the renewal with New York magazine, Al Jean, who runs the show, revealed an interesting tidbit about the standards department at Fox: they won't let "The Simpsons" show any of the character's bare behinds.

Homer and Bart's posteriors used to be a regularly seen feature of the show, but Jean told New York that, in the past five years or so, Fox banned the practice:

"There was a period where we could show Homer's ass," Jean says. But then, presumably post-Janet Jackson, "They said we couldn't. I then went back to them and noted that the repeats where we had showed it are airing in syndication at 6 p.m. [on Fox-owned TV stations]." Was Fox convinced by Jean's logic? "Nope. Banned. Completely."

With its latest renewal, "The Simpsons" will pass the 500-episode mark -- presumably with no nudity of any kind