Fox Reporter Given A Taste Of Ambush Journalism (VIDEO)

Fox Reporter Given A Taste Of Ambush Journalism (VIDEO)

Fox News is well-known for taking the tactic of "ambush journalism" to gratuitous lengths to get footage for air of their pet targets getting freaked out on the streets of this fair nation. For example, you remember that time that NewsHounds reported that Bill O'Reilly was going to be speaking at an event for an organization for rape victims, despite the fact that he'd previously shown contempt for one, and then O'Reilly's nemesis Keith Olbermann talked about it on the air, and they lacked the cojones to ambush either Olbermann or the writers of the blog that put the story out there in the first place, so instead they stalked a ThinkProgress blogger named Amanda Terkel who'd done nothing more than blog about NewsHounds' original post, confronting her on vacation after following her across the state of Virginia from her home? GOOD TIMES.

Adam Green of OpenLeft espied Fox's Griff Jenkins outside a convention for ACORN, a community organizing group who Fox is relentlessly working to depict as a band of Uruk-Hai bent on the destruction of Western civilization. Jenkins was dressed in a tuxedo (he likes to play dress-up!) and standing by a "red carpet" (actually, a sad red doormat), hoping to interview people for something that was sure to be substantive, given the set-up and artifice! So, Green turned the tables on Jenkins, and confronted him about whether Fox reporters are issued memos laden with GOP talking points! It all sort of gets under Jenkins' skin, just a little bit.

Nice tuxedo.


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