Fox Reports - Viewers Decide: Ron Paul Leads GOP Poll!

Tuesday night

Approx. 11pm ET.

Priceless look on Sean Hannity's face...

He was preparing to tell Fox News viewers which right wingnut among the ten Republicans had won the debate according to the poll so far among the Fox viewers - when he learned that the text votes to date had placed RON PAUL in first place! With 30% of the vote!

Hannity was suitably gob-smacked! Looked it and sounded it.

Either regular Fox News viewers have had a sudden mass awakening - or (perhaps more likely) it is the result of a very skilful "Get-Out-The-Vote" effort by some very smart people. May they be as effective in November 2008...

Meanwhile - we can savor the look on Sean Hannity's face as he had to announce that Ron Paul was the favorite of Fox News viewers. If anyone can get a screengrab of that moment - please post the URL of it. Or upload the video on YouTube and post the URL here.