Fox Sports Live's Sochi Tour Resembles A Cleveland Tourism Video

This video may be my favorite thing to come out of Fox Sports 1 so far. The network actually sent Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole to Sochi, Russia for live on-site Olympics coverage even though Olympic highlights are notoriously stingy when it comes to networks not named NBC. I can't even remember ESPN bothering with any sustained Olympic coverage beyond still photos and Jeremy Schapp.

But don't let that discourage the newbies on the American sports scene. After all, Onrait and O'Toole are Canadians, the Winter Olympics are what that country lives for. That and poutine. Hopefully we'll see plenty of curling analysis from Andy Roddick and Donovan McNabb during the next two weeks.

Watch as the pair give you an outsider's inside tour of Sochi, complete with what I like to call the Roller Coaster to Nowhere.



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