Fox Sports Rejects Super Bowl Commercial Featuring Bible Verse (VIDEO)

Fox Sports has rejected a proposed Super Bowl commercial featuring a reference to a Bible verse, John 3:16, that has been part of the culture of football in America for decades, according to Fixed Point Foundation, the producers of the commercial. The organization says that even though fans see the verse everywhere -- on signs in the end zones after field goal attempts, on players' tape and tattoos and in the eye black of faithful players like Tim Tebow -- many don't know what it means.

The commercial is meant to encourage fans to look up John 3:16 and consider its meaning. The spot ends by directing viewers to a website where the verse appears along with a simple explanation.

According to Fixed Point, Fox Sports rejected the commercial on the basis that it contained "religious doctrine." In spite of Fox Sports' rejection, the ad will air in some regional markets, starting with the state of Alabama, as part of an initiative called "LookUp 316."

What do you think? Should Fox have rejected the John 3:16 ad on this or any basis?