Fox Sports' Reporter Hit By Car On Live Broadcast, But He's Fine

Not your average day at work.

Fox Sports’ David Medrano Mora was reporting live from Guadalajara Airport in Mexico last Saturday and everything was going fine. Then, in the middle of a post-match broadcast, he was struck and pushed off-screen by a car. 

Mora, who did not suffer any major injuries in the accident, seems to have noticed the reversing car just milliseconds before it hit him, knocking him clear off his feet. 

Aldo Sanchez, the anchor back at the studio, somehow managed to keep his cool throughout the bizarre incident, remarking, “But what happened? Careful. We are completely live and will hopefully be back with David soon," according to Yahoo News.

Mora and Sanchez were covering the Chivas-Club America soccer match, which Chivas won, 2-1.


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