Fox Steals Handbag, Returns It, Anna And Jeremy Clark Say

He just wanted to see if it looked good with his fur coat.

Anna Clark, 35, says that a red fox stole her handbag. Or maybe "borrowed" is the correct term, since the little critter apparently brought it back.

Anna's husband, 38-year-old Jeremy Clark, told The Argus yesterday that the couple was standing in their driveway in West Sussex, England, when the fox appeared and snatched up the bag in his mouth.

Jeremy said he yelled at the fox to drop the bag, but the fox didn't listen, taking off into the bushes instead.

A few minutes later, Jeremy claims, the fox returned, reportedly looking guilty, and placed the bag back at Anna's feet before scurrying off once more.

The couple had apparently seen the perpetrator around the neighborhood before, but this is the first time such an incident has taken place.

No charges were filed.

This isn't the first fox to flirt with the wrong side of the law. In August, a fox, along with his accomplice, a pig, reportedly helped a kangaroo escape from a zoo in Germany.

At least they're good at interspecies friendships. In March, a fox was filmed just chilling on a porch with an eagle and a cat in Alaska.



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